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Hey look, it's me! (Yay?)

2017-05-25 22:37:32 by Yeelp

I dissapeared for no reason and I'm back for no reason. I'm uploading random tracks I found on my PC that seem to have a Jazz inspiration. I'd appreciate the reviews for future improvements. 


The Cronicles of Yeelp is still a thing (It's my love child it will ALWAYS be a thing). Just thought I'd make the audience who reads this aware. Sometime in the future, I'll be uploading a piece of lore of the series (In other words, it's not the first book). The idea behind me doing this is to flesh out parts of the Yeelp universe to prep it for it's first big story. Setting the stage if you will. There might be 3 or 4 lore pieces before everything is ready (I think). 


I haven't really had time for many of these frivolous past-times. I've been doing university and uni life definitely keeps me busy. Too busy. But hey, at least I got all A's (Except for one course... Freaking B+ in Physics man). So things are going quite well there.


So. whether you're happy about it or not, I'm back for some time. How long? I dunno. Talking to myself here on this profile can only be so entertaining before I start looking like a maniac. (Watch now someone's gonna comment and this entire paragraph will be completely invalidated)


Anyway this is just a big way of saying hi...



Mass Music Postings

2016-06-28 21:54:59 by Yeelp

I did it, I reuploaded all the old Yeelp's Uprising and The Science of It tracks that I took down because they were out of date. FINALLY. 

Not only that, but Atomical is out and as an apology of sorts for not doing all of the above mentioned things when I said I would, I've uploaded ANOTHER track: Dubnium Drums. 

Also, be sure to check out the END of this post for info on review requests, something I'm going to try out and see where it takes me. Should be fun.

Music Spotlight

The real spotlight goes to Dubnium Drums. This is my first drumstep track. After reading up on the genre, and taking a listen to one or two tracks from the genre, I undertstood it's structure - at least, I think I did. Half-time drums and substep and 160-175 BPM is essentially what the genre is; and essentially what the song Dubnium Drums is. Except with guiros.

The next track is the track I kept saying I would post: Atomical. After letting it sit for a while, I realized that I might as well post it anyways. My main issue is that it seemed to be a Sys-Time-Atic clone at first but after the aforementioned sitting, I realized it wasn't as similar as I thought!. If you haven't listened to Sys-Time-atic, then click here to listen to it. I recommend listening to it first before listening to Atomical to see the similarities.

The last reuploaded tracks from the album The Science of It are: Light Speed and Universe in Balance. The last reuploaded track from Yeelp's Uprising is Death's Rule. They'll be here as well.

Here is Dubnium Drums:

Here's the overdue Atomical:

And the missing tracks from Yeelp's Uprising and The Science of It, respectively:

As of 6/28/2016, 9:27 P.M. EST, The new version of Universe in Balance hasn't been, I guess, accepted? I uploaded it an hour ago or something WITH the new Universe in Balance .mp3 file but I suppose the Newgrounds servers haven't realized the change and updated. I dunno if that's EXACTLY the reason or if I'm completely off. Nevertheless, the new Universe in Balance starts completely silent; if you instead get a loud "ding dong" sound as the first review describes it, you can click "Download this song!" to download the actual UPDATED version.

The Chronicles of Yeelp

What happened to the story? Well, one failed torrent of Smart Ideas 5, several virus removal attempts, and a GIGANTIC life FAIL later, I realized I'm cleary too dumb to just grab the Smart Ideas 5 I have on my older laptop that's still functional. Ugh. Progress has been made but the aforementioned progress is slow. I know what I want to write about; themes and all, I just need to put it all together and not brisk over any plot holes.

Life Update

So what's up with me? Summer just started, exams are over and the infamous beginnings of university, along with its respective collection of stresses looms over me like an eternal shadow. Workloads, scammers, cheaters,; the list of Things to Worry About in Uni is endless. 

And I'm too busy pursuing potential advancements in my love life to even care. Classic, classic, me. This is my life now.

I'm also taking part of the NGAUC: The NewGrounds Audio Underdogs Competition! Wish me luck! for my tryout, I'm thinking of using Sys-Time-atic, Atomical, The Lab, Gretel's Witchery, Secrets or Louis' Isolation. I'm going to check the performance of each of my tracks and take thier release date into consideration when chosing a potential tryout candidate.

To wrap things up, I will say that there is  more track of Yeelp's Uprising to be uploaded. Yes, UPLOADED, not reuploaded. bringing the track count of The Science of It and Yeelp's Uprising to 10. While the track count for Yeelp's Uprising will stay at 10, as it's done, The Science of It may continue to garner new tracks. There you go: 4 The Science of It tracks and one Yeelp's Uprising track for a total of 5 tracks as an apology for being so inconsistent and inactive. Let me know what you guys think of anything and if you' like me to review a track for you, be sure to respond in this post or PM or whatever. Yes, I'm doing review requests. What's the catch? Nothing! Any conditions? Nope! If you'd like to check out one of my tracks as a thank you that'd be awesome of course! Thanks for everything and stay awesome!



Accidental Psyche

2016-06-11 23:32:50 by Yeelp

I WAS going to post Atomical, but I decided its body wasn't ready (That's the first and last time I meme here). So, you guys get a different song instead - The Outsider. This wasn't intentional, I swear. Atomical will come soon (hopefully). 

Hope you guys enjoy it. Stay awesome!


Quick post before I call it a day (at least it should be quick)

I've realized I have too much going on to keep a consistent posting schedule. I won't bore you guys by listing all the sutff that's going on. Maybe things will calm down, maybe not. Although chaos can lead to stress, I'd rather have that then a boring, repetitive schedule. My new moto is to wing it. And by "wing it" I mean wing practically everything.

I have made one song. It's titled Atomical. I'll try to release it soon. I feel like it's finished but at the same time I feel like it's lacking a lot of character. I essentially whipped it up in one session on FL Studio in what only felt like a few hours, but may have been more. Since I finished it so quickly, I feel like I rushed over a lot of things and didn't take the time to flesh it out. Hopefully, I can get over this internal quarrel and upload it so I at least have SOMETHING to say for my absence. Not sure how many people care if I'm consistent or not with my postings, but I, for some reason, feel that it's important to post at least once in a while to show that I'm still around.

This post, much like my most recent song, was me just putting thoughts on a screen (or musical motifs, in the song's case) knowing that it'd work itself out to something, and that the technicalities aren't important. I hope that's not an indication of Atomical's quality, but who knows.

Thanks for tuning in. stay awesome!


Time Off, Time Overdue

2016-03-17 18:04:10 by Yeelp

Sorry for not being active the last few weeks, I needed a break after a few back-to-back of non stop stress and work - from school, work and life in general. I've wanted to get more active to stop the, what I now see as inevitable, procrastination seeping through me. Like I said, it was inevitable. I forgot the limitations of my own self as I woke up every day and went straight to business until I collapsed anywhere from 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. after having got in a commendable day of work. Only to wake up the next day and do it again. Now, with some time off school and not much else going on, I had little reason to get up in the morning, so I often didn't - only waking up a few hours before work - if I had work that day. Even though I WANTED to get up and work on music, writing or anything, I often lacked the motivation to even move - thus rendering me too lazy to get anything done.

I'm not sure how much more time I need for this "recuperation" so to speak, but I hope it won't last much longer. In order to at least leave you guys with SOMETHING, I've decided to go ahead an upload that Oh, Canada! remix. Make of it what you will, and as always, constructive feedback is always admired. 

By the way, if everything goes to plan, this should be the LAST song I make using native FL Studio plugins. I should be getting my hands on some nicer sounding ones this week.

So thank you guys for all you patience, kind remarks, feedback and support. I should see you all sometime next week!


I've made a terrible mistake...

2016-03-09 17:23:05 by Yeelp

I heard that my friend got a music assignment that consisted of essentially "remixing" Oh, Canada!. Guess what I did once I got home that day?

I made my own remix for Canada's national anthem sing dubstep and vocoders...

Let's talk about mistakes... 

I may upload it or not, I'm not really sure... Thoughts?

New Social Media: Facebook and Instagram!!

2016-02-25 18:12:46 by Yeelp

Just wanted to update you guys on my new social media that I've attained: Facebook and Instagram.

I decided to make a Facebook page as it allows me to reach out to more people in a different medium - which is always important. You can find it in the Links box on the left or you can click here to check it out! It's been created as of 2/25/2016 so it's pretty young - as such it's kinda barren for now. But I plan to fix that. If you guys gave it a like that would mean the world to me. I'm sure I wouldn't mind returning the favour.

Also, I created a Facebook profile as well - for those interested. More of an accident than anything but hey, let's roll with it. So if you want to send me a friend request as well on Facebook I don't mind at all either :P 

Finally, I've created an Instagram that's just for showing producing techniques and again for reaching new people through a different medium. It's also in the Links box on the left. Likewise, it was also made at the same time that I made the Facebook page so it's barren for the time being. But again, I'll fix that.

Thanks to you all for your amazing support and appreciation of my work. Stay awesome!


My First "Real" Post of 2016!

2016-02-15 20:31:17 by Yeelp

Well, this post has been LONG overdue! To be quite honest, I'm not sure why I never got around to it. I have no valid excuse. So here we are: the first "real" post of 2016! 

*Crickets chirping*

Well, let's just get it over with then...

Actually, before we begin, I hope you all had a great Familly Day and awesome Valentine's Day! Kinda funny they'd be back to back since they're kinda similar. Hope you all had fun spending time with those who mattered most to you!

And, for those wondering - although I would question why you'd even bother wondering - I had no real plans on either of those days. So don't ask.

So, for the showcase, I wanted to feature my first attempt at swing and my most recent creation.

The spotlight goes to the swing song; the genre has definitely seen an increase in popularity over the recent years, at least in my eyes. This song isn't swing, but more electroswing which is pretty much modern swing - it's swing with modern elements like more advanced drum machines etc. My song, Tap Tap Swing, uses mainly swing elements; since it was my first shot at the genre, I didn't want to get to fancy right off the bat. There's a piano, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and a few synths at work in this song. I really like the groove that I captured with this piece to be honest. I should also mention, this was my submission for the Newgrounds Secret Santa which now happened FOREVER ago. Whoops!

The next song is my recent creation and part of my science themed album: The Science of it. The song is appropriately named Sys-Time-atic (a pun on the word "systematic")  since the structure of the song makes it feel very robotic and, well, systematic. Furthermore, the drums kinda sound like what I would envision the interior of a complex clock to sound like.

So here they are in all thier glory!




I want to talk a bit about the story I've been working on. To tell the truth, I've been lazy. VERY VERY lazy. I've had ideas but never wrote them down. I'm going to try to work on the story some more this month and hopefully get something presentable. I want to be able to show a bit of what the story is like so I can get some feedback.


Musically, I want to try composing some chiptune. But I want to analyze some elements of chiptune first before I take a crack at it. I currently have a NES plugin for FL Studio and I've been messing around with that today. I'm also taking a look at a few chiptune songs and analyzing them for thier structure and form. Currently, I've been taking a look at Bit Shifter's Hexadecimal Genome - a chiptune song that I listened to a while ago and really liked. You can click the embeded link or just go to my Soundcloud and find it under my favourites. If you have any other chiptune songs that you know of to really reflect some of the key elements of chiptune music, let me know! So, while I study up on chiptune, I'll be filling in the space with reuploads of my old creations that I never got around to reuploading!

Anyway, I don't really have much else to say! So thanks for reading and thanks for checking out my content! Stay awesome!




Delays!! Sorry!

2016-01-13 23:34:07 by Yeelp

Well, It's finally 2016 and well... I'm off to a rocky start. It has the potential to get better but I'll know for sure tomorrow.

Regardless, I've been gone awhile and haven't made a post for 2016 yet so here I am; making a post saying that I won't be able to make a 'real' post until later. 'Later' being anytime between tomorrow and the end of my exams, which end on the 29th of January. I know that would be a long time to wait but I don't have any intentions on making you guys wait that long. So I'll talk about a few things in a small post since I'm here on NG at the momment. So no musical showcase!

First off, I hope everyone has been doing well - I hope you had a great new year. I hope you guys partyed with friends and/or familly. In other news, I got a hand on my brother's old laptop which is everything I need for, well, anything. It's an i7 processor which is super awesome for me because those can be expensive. With the computer also came XSplit and a few other broadcasting softwares so my YouTube channel has a bright future - once I learn how to use XSplit. Yes, it also has FL Studio. I now have no need for my Hackintosh XD. Cortana is kind of interesting. She pronounces my alias correctly: 'Yeelp' instead of 'Yelp' which is how some people pronounce it. If you guys are interested more of the specs I can provide it for you guys if you tell me what you want to know about it.

So yeah I don't think I have any other random micellaneous things to mention! I did watch the first episode of the SMBZ reboot which was quite well done so that's what my free time was taken up by :P

Anyway, that's all I have to say! I'll try and make small posts like this when I can until I can finally push out a full post. Since it's 2016, my new ending is just gonna be stay awesome! So yeah, stay awesome guys!


Looking Back: Summation of 2015 and plans for 2016!

2015-12-29 22:00:08 by Yeelp

One blue screen and roughly 24 hours later I'm finally doing this! 

So, for those who celebrate, did you all enjoy you're Christmas? If you're not of those who do celebrate, did you enjoy the holiday festivities? I hope you all had a great time with whoever you spent your time with!

Before I begin the news, I'd like to thank you all. Each and every person who took a look at my breakcore track Secrets - which I featured last week. It currently has 553 plays and 41 downloads! These figures may seem small but it's a huge milestone for me! 500+ listens on one track means a lot to me! Louis' Isolation, my other featured track, fared pretty well with 313 plays and 51 downloads! I always seem to talk about getting myself out there on other websites but it seems like NG will pretty much always be my home music-wise! Thank you. For everything. If you didn't get to check out the two tracks, click here to check out Secrets, my breakcore track, or here to listen to Louis' Isolation - another one of my Drum & Bass songs. I made art for Secrets as well! This is what it looks like! Yeah, it's cheap Photoshop editing but it's better than nothing!





















Time to feature more stuff! My most recent track: Nuclear Rave from the album The Science of It, is already doing well with 210 plays which I'm proud of! This is a futuristic dance song at 128 BPM. I like how this one turned out. It's upbeat and groovy and pretty much everything a dance song should be!

The next track to make the spotlight is Poden's Nightmare from the album Yeelp's Uprising. This one is a dark almost trance like Dnb track. The bass is pretty fat and the drums are fast and intense. It clocks in at 168 BPM.

I would've liked to feature my NGASS gift - Tap Tap Swing; which was my first attempt at swing, but it is poinl's gift so I'm going to wait a bit to see if I can get his a-ok to post it to NG. If not, I may post it anyway. Regardless, it's not making the spotlight this time around.

So here are the two tracks! Let me know what you think!


With New Year's around the corner, it's time to reflect on my accomplishments of 2015 and plan for 2016. Let's start from when I got back to NG and we'll just go from there.

Since coming back to NG after going AWOL, I've managed to upload most of my tracks and update most of the ones that were outdated. So, NG is coming along nicely. Tumblr, Soundcloud and Youtube  are very small in terms of the attention they get but they will grow eventually. 

Musically, I'd have to say I've done some great work this year! I've polished my abilities and I'm starting to feel more confident about the tracks I release! It's all thanks to you guys or course! My best track I'd have to say is George's Swarm. After getting a few reccomendations on the older outdated track from the NG community, I decided to revamp it and man did I revamp it! Click the name to visit it! I'm really happy to this day with how it turned out!

I also finished my album Yeelp's Uprising as well this year! I haven't uploaded it all yet to NG so that's the first on the to do list for 2016 along with all the other tracks I haven't uploaded!

Which brings me to my plans for 2016! Well, my NG plans anyway! I really want to focus are reaching more milestones like X amount of fans or X amount of plays or even a certain rating score on a song! Of course, to acheive these, I need your support! I hope you'll be as helpful as you were when you checked out my breakcore track! A listen, rating and comment on any song totally makes my day as they are pretty much always constructive and allow me to improve! This pretty much brings my plans for 2016 to this:

  • 20+ fans by the end of 2016
  • 1000+ plays on one song By the end of 2016
  • Rating of 4 or higher on a song by the end of 2016
  • More reviews on my content

Yup. Four simple things. That's all. And I'd appreciate your help so much in this! Like I said, you guys are great! 

If you remember, I talked about a book I was thinking of writing. Well I want to see if I can get that done by the end of 2016 too!

Well that wraps up my New Year's resolutions. I know this post was a bit long but it IS the last post of 2015! I'm looking forward to a new beginning in 2016 and the oppurtunity to make more music and listen to more music! So thanks for everything you guys have provided for me in 2015 - NG really is a great place!

Before I leave, I'd like to give a BIG shoutout to Demonic-Overmind! Your two NGASS songs for me were fantastic - I loved them! I find it heartwarming that you put me as a tag in your two songs! Keep up the great work! Go click his name and give some of his songs a listen! They're great!

Well this is this last time I get to say this phrase this year. Stay bold, stay focused and stay awesome! I'll see you guys in 2016! Have a good one!