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2016-06-28 21:54:59 by Yeelp

I did it, I reuploaded all the old Yeelp's Uprising and The Science of It tracks that I took down because they were out of date. FINALLY. 

Not only that, but Atomical is out and as an apology of sorts for not doing all of the above mentioned things when I said I would, I've uploaded ANOTHER track: Dubnium Drums. 

Also, be sure to check out the END of this post for info on review requests, something I'm going to try out and see where it takes me. Should be fun.

Music Spotlight

The real spotlight goes to Dubnium Drums. This is my first drumstep track. After reading up on the genre, and taking a listen to one or two tracks from the genre, I undertstood it's structure - at least, I think I did. Half-time drums and substep and 160-175 BPM is essentially what the genre is; and essentially what the song Dubnium Drums is. Except with guiros.

The next track is the track I kept saying I would post: Atomical. After letting it sit for a while, I realized that I might as well post it anyways. My main issue is that it seemed to be a Sys-Time-Atic clone at first but after the aforementioned sitting, I realized it wasn't as similar as I thought!. If you haven't listened to Sys-Time-atic, then click here to listen to it. I recommend listening to it first before listening to Atomical to see the similarities.

The last reuploaded tracks from the album The Science of It are: Light Speed and Universe in Balance. The last reuploaded track from Yeelp's Uprising is Death's Rule. They'll be here as well.

Here is Dubnium Drums:

Here's the overdue Atomical:

And the missing tracks from Yeelp's Uprising and The Science of It, respectively:

As of 6/28/2016, 9:27 P.M. EST, The new version of Universe in Balance hasn't been, I guess, accepted? I uploaded it an hour ago or something WITH the new Universe in Balance .mp3 file but I suppose the Newgrounds servers haven't realized the change and updated. I dunno if that's EXACTLY the reason or if I'm completely off. Nevertheless, the new Universe in Balance starts completely silent; if you instead get a loud "ding dong" sound as the first review describes it, you can click "Download this song!" to download the actual UPDATED version.

The Chronicles of Yeelp

What happened to the story? Well, one failed torrent of Smart Ideas 5, several virus removal attempts, and a GIGANTIC life FAIL later, I realized I'm cleary too dumb to just grab the Smart Ideas 5 I have on my older laptop that's still functional. Ugh. Progress has been made but the aforementioned progress is slow. I know what I want to write about; themes and all, I just need to put it all together and not brisk over any plot holes.

Life Update

So what's up with me? Summer just started, exams are over and the infamous beginnings of university, along with its respective collection of stresses looms over me like an eternal shadow. Workloads, scammers, cheaters,; the list of Things to Worry About in Uni is endless. 

And I'm too busy pursuing potential advancements in my love life to even care. Classic, classic, me. This is my life now.

I'm also taking part of the NGAUC: The NewGrounds Audio Underdogs Competition! Wish me luck! for my tryout, I'm thinking of using Sys-Time-atic, Atomical, The Lab, Gretel's Witchery, Secrets or Louis' Isolation. I'm going to check the performance of each of my tracks and take thier release date into consideration when chosing a potential tryout candidate.

To wrap things up, I will say that there is  more track of Yeelp's Uprising to be uploaded. Yes, UPLOADED, not reuploaded. bringing the track count of The Science of It and Yeelp's Uprising to 10. While the track count for Yeelp's Uprising will stay at 10, as it's done, The Science of It may continue to garner new tracks. There you go: 4 The Science of It tracks and one Yeelp's Uprising track for a total of 5 tracks as an apology for being so inconsistent and inactive. Let me know what you guys think of anything and if you' like me to review a track for you, be sure to respond in this post or PM or whatever. Yes, I'm doing review requests. What's the catch? Nothing! Any conditions? Nope! If you'd like to check out one of my tracks as a thank you that'd be awesome of course! Thanks for everything and stay awesome!




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