The Last Song

2017-08-17 00:44:02 by Yeelp

In what could potentially be a few weeks, I'll be posting a track here on Newgrounds. It's going to be an EDM track inspired from a track I had reposted on my SoundCloud a week or so ago at the time of this post. (hint, hint)

This upcoming track of mine is, unfortunately, my last... for now.

You see, summer is ending. And that means university is back. My situation this year for university is a little different from last year's. I'll be able to bring the laptop I produce music on with me, so me posting new content during the school year isn't out of the question. It's just highly unlikely the way things stand now. University is going to keep me really busy. Like super busy. Any creative downtime I have I'll probably want to spend on The Chronicles of Yeelp instead of on music.

But that doesn't mean I'm leaving forever. I'll be back again the next summer for sure and maybe I'll swing by around Christmas time for the secret santa thing the Audio Forum does. I had a lot of fun with that the first time I did it; now I can bring my improved skills to the table and make something great.

But I want to take a moment to talk about the community here. You guys have been very appreciative, supportive and critical - traits that are all good in my book - about my work that I've posted over the summer. For that I thank you all sincerely. You guys are awesome. although my tracks that I've posted this summer only have a few votes each, most of them above 4/5, It's still a sign that I've improved noticeably as you guys - the most critical group that listens to my content (You can't tell me that SoundCloud has dedicated users that will scrutinize an artist's newest releases to see how good they are. Those users just don't really exist on SoundCloud - the only other real place I post my content.) - are rating my songs higher (even if the songs only have 2 votes - the small sample size is just something I have to work with). And that makes me happy. It makes me happy that you guys are enjoying my stuff.

However, just because school is in soon doesn't mean I'm just gonna go AWOL like I did last time. I still want to interact with you guys. So if you ever want to just chat or whatever (heck even if you want to collab; although my schedule will be pretty tight so it'll be tough - but doable) you can message me on Newgrounds knowing that I will reply in AT MOST a few days. My Newgrounds profile is the first thing that pops up when I open Chrome, so I WILL see the message if I turn this laptop on, because I ALWAYS open Chrome whenever I turn this laptop on. Message me, send me tracks you'll think I like, whatever suits you. I'm sure it'll be great fun to take a break from the univeristy stress and enjoy some good time, with some good people, with some good music. Thanks for giving me a great summer you guys. Looking forward to a better one next year!





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