Accepting Review Requests

2017-08-23 23:42:40 by Yeelp

It's simple, post your song in the comments (Limit of one for now. The limit is subject to change.) And I'll get around to reviewing it. Reviews may take up to an hour to create (Because I don't mess around. I like to do serious reviews). If you want to see what some of my reviews are like, just check out some of my previous ones to get an idea before posting here. I'm looking to come across some new music and this not only allows me to come across new music, but help out the community and work on my reviewing skills. Post away! I'll make updates about this Review Request service on this exact post should updates be required.





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2017-08-23 23:57:57

Since you're not a frequent reviewer of my music please make sure your volume is down a little bit. My software and rendering volume love to fight like a divorced couple and the finished sound is always a bit loud.


Yeelp responds:

Personally, I keep my volume for music lower than the average listener because I'm not a fan of loud music. So I didn't encounter much problem with your music. That being said. You piece has been reviewed!



2017-08-24 01:23:41

I'll review some of your audio as well!


Yeelp responds:

It's taken me some time but I did get around to it. Thanks for reviewing my piece as well!



2017-08-24 01:46:01

Alright then, have at this.