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Just a bit of a reminder, I'm still accepting review requests. It's my way of interacting with you guys while I'm at university and therefore can't spend all of my time creating new songs :P. If you want to request a review, do so over here: <-- That's the original post. It'll make things easier to organize if you post your request there.


While university IS eating up all my time, I've had the inspiration to come up with a new DnB song. The piano will carry a creepy and strange melody. But so far that's all I got. Hopefully things pan out there!


That's all for my short update. Thanks for any support you guys give!



Accepting Review Requests

2017-08-23 23:42:40 by Yeelp

It's simple, post your song in the comments (Limit of one for now. The limit is subject to change.) And I'll get around to reviewing it. Reviews may take up to an hour to create (Because I don't mess around. I like to do serious reviews). If you want to see what some of my reviews are like, just check out some of my previous ones to get an idea before posting here. I'm looking to come across some new music and this not only allows me to come across new music, but help out the community and work on my reviewing skills. Post away! I'll make updates about this Review Request service on this exact post should updates be required.




The Last Song

2017-08-17 00:44:02 by Yeelp

In what could potentially be a few weeks, I'll be posting a track here on Newgrounds. It's going to be an EDM track inspired from a track I had reposted on my SoundCloud a week or so ago at the time of this post. (hint, hint)

This upcoming track of mine is, unfortunately, my last... for now.

You see, summer is ending. And that means university is back. My situation this year for university is a little different from last year's. I'll be able to bring the laptop I produce music on with me, so me posting new content during the school year isn't out of the question. It's just highly unlikely the way things stand now. University is going to keep me really busy. Like super busy. Any creative downtime I have I'll probably want to spend on The Chronicles of Yeelp instead of on music.

But that doesn't mean I'm leaving forever. I'll be back again the next summer for sure and maybe I'll swing by around Christmas time for the secret santa thing the Audio Forum does. I had a lot of fun with that the first time I did it; now I can bring my improved skills to the table and make something great.

But I want to take a moment to talk about the community here. You guys have been very appreciative, supportive and critical - traits that are all good in my book - about my work that I've posted over the summer. For that I thank you all sincerely. You guys are awesome. although my tracks that I've posted this summer only have a few votes each, most of them above 4/5, It's still a sign that I've improved noticeably as you guys - the most critical group that listens to my content (You can't tell me that SoundCloud has dedicated users that will scrutinize an artist's newest releases to see how good they are. Those users just don't really exist on SoundCloud - the only other real place I post my content.) - are rating my songs higher (even if the songs only have 2 votes - the small sample size is just something I have to work with). And that makes me happy. It makes me happy that you guys are enjoying my stuff.

However, just because school is in soon doesn't mean I'm just gonna go AWOL like I did last time. I still want to interact with you guys. So if you ever want to just chat or whatever (heck even if you want to collab; although my schedule will be pretty tight so it'll be tough - but doable) you can message me on Newgrounds knowing that I will reply in AT MOST a few days. My Newgrounds profile is the first thing that pops up when I open Chrome, so I WILL see the message if I turn this laptop on, because I ALWAYS open Chrome whenever I turn this laptop on. Message me, send me tracks you'll think I like, whatever suits you. I'm sure it'll be great fun to take a break from the univeristy stress and enjoy some good time, with some good people, with some good music. Thanks for giving me a great summer you guys. Looking forward to a better one next year!




Hopefully I'm not tooting my horn too much here.


I finished the remix and it's REALLY good in my opinion. One of my best works yet! Check it out!

Also, I'll probably remix one of my pieces from my personal top 5 next, which you can find here. Either that or Tap Tap Swing. Does anyone have any preferences to what I remix next? There's no guarentee my next piece WILL be a remix - I might do something new as well. It's 1:30 and I'm too tired to think about it right now XD



I'm reading up on mixing and mastering to get a better idea of how it works and also learn some of the deeper intricacies along the way. I'm really aiming to up my mixing and mastering game which will make my songs sound amazing. Any tips as to where I should get started would always be appreciated. (For reference, I'm using FL Studio)

I'm really focusing on this now as I want to go back and remix some of my older pieces (And I'll most likely remix my personal top 5, which you can check out in my last post here. I go in depth on why I think they're my top 5 and how I plan to improve them) and give them much improved mixing and mastering. Already, I finished remixing Biohazardous (click there to view the original, the remix isn't up yet!) and it sounds freaking amazing compared to the original. I didn't remix it into a different genre - it's still dubstep. However future remixes may not stay in the same genre as the original.

Anyway, any thoughts on remixing and just mixing in general? I'd love to hear some thought on it.





As I wrapped up production on another song, I took a step back and asked myself: "how the hell did I get here?" I mean, It's been a few years of me quietly producing below average to average pieces with good intent behind it; I don't do it to throw "just decent" content on the Audio Portal. Everytime I finish a piece, I honestly and truly belive I've outdone my previous work. Which I guess is a good thing. However, some of my songs are plagued with less than ideal choices that greatly impacted thier performance. Others however, showed that not all my decisions are bad.

Nevertheless, I wanted to take a look a finished productions that I could point to and say: "This was a big milestone in some way". No, this isn't a list of my best performing pieces of work - rather, it's a list of 5 songs, in order from oldest to newest, that I made that I thought really pushed the boundaries of who I was back then, for better or for worse, and which subsequently leads to who I am now, again, for better or for worse. In addition, I'll include the song's current score out of 5 and it's play count - just for your own reference.

  1.  George's Swarm [2.96/5] (396 Plays) This was technically speaking, my first REAL song I've ever composed and I was pretty proud of the melodies. However, it's current rendition on Newgrounds isn't the original creation. The original creation was a MIDI file. I then remixed it in FL Studio and posted it here back in 2014. It wouldn't be until a year later when I decided to "remix the remix" to try and improve the quality and take a few suggestions into consideration. All that work for a slightly above 50% score. But some of those reviews were from the song's first iteration on Newgrounds so who knows exactly how reflective it is.

    Now it's a not too bad DnB song. I think the percussion turned out pretty great and it's what I like the most about this song to this day. Using the Gross Beat plugin, I turned the guiros from a "rip" sound into a "squeel" sound almost reminiscent of a weird type of bug and that suits the song well. Why is that? Because George is a character in my book series: The Chronicles of Yeelp. Specifically, he is a small, slimy, legless bug that is a crossover between a scorpion in his appearance and a earthworm in his ability to burrow in the ground. Needless to say, the squeel sounds fit perfectly in my mind.

    What would I change in this piece? Well, I would tone down that reverb a LOT and add some chords to fill in the song a little more to give it some structure.
  2. Secrets [3.00/5] (848 Plays) Out of ALL my songs on Newgrounds, this one has, by far, the most plays. Now plays don't mean a song is good but to this day, I'm still baffled at this song's ability to entice people to play it. You'd think my plays would mean more reviews and more votes but that's not how things work I guess. A mere one 3/5 vote out of all 848 plays this song has received. That's weird in my opinion.

    This breakcore song was my first attempt at breakcore and it really gave me a chance to experiment with a lot of fun stuff. I learned a lot making this! I sidechained the Amen break a lot and fiddled with it in a bunch of interesting ways from reversing it to slowing it down.

    What would I change? Again, I'd like to add some chords to give the song more structure. It kinda just did what it liked and fiddled around with the Amen break and yeah that worked out well for it but it could be much better. Maybe someday I'll get around to remixing it. Part of the reason I haven't is I'm not sure if it's a good song to begin with. A single 3/5 rating isn't a large sample size to base my judgement on it's quality.
  3. Nuclear Rave [3.50/5] (597 Plays) One of my better dance pieces. I really aimed for a catchy beat with percussion to get you on your feet. This song gets this spot as I truly feel this is the point where I really put a lot more effort into my mixing, mastering, plugin management and so forth. This song knew what it wanted to be the moment I started making it - a claim not all my songs can make.

    This song really allowed me to experiment with rises as opposed to drops which of course create a whole different mood. The song starts with a ambient feel as the intensity slowly rises until the chorus. I'm truly a fan of the Sytrus plugin I used which was an edited of a preset to create an epic sounding string choir.

    What would I change? That terrible sounding crash at the beginning was SUPPOSED to be a sort of "whoosh" slide like sound but it just turned out to sound like a terrible crash. I don't know why it didn't get removed in the final cut. It is atrocious.
  4. Sys-Time-atic [2.36/5] (406 Plays) I'm not sure why this song performed as poorly as it did score-wise. I don't think it's deserving of a less than 50% score but who am I to judge. I guess this song marked a time where I wanted my songs to have structure and not just be all over the place.

    The idea for this song was to create a easy to follow melody that hit on the "on-beat" so to speak. I could then support this melody with a similar styled percussion. The whole theme of this piece is structural, yet minimalistic. Everything is systematic in a way (Hah, get it?) but at the same time, there's not a whole lot of things going on. I personally think this minimalistic approach works really well for this piece.

    What would I change? I would fill the song out with some chords and then alter the bass to support the chords instead of mimicking the lead synth. This would flesh the song out more, while hopefully not removing it's unique minimalism.
  5. Page, The Original [3.50/5] (231 Plays) Now this song isn't here because it's my latest upload. I really beleive it's one of my better pieces. Again, it had a purpose and it knew what it wanted to be from the get go. The mixing and composition could be improved a bit but I think this song isn't terrible.

    It follows in the footsteps of Sys-Time-Atic by having some semblance of structure but now, it has a theme intertwined as well. At least, it was an attempt anyway. I think this song sort of shows off a lot of what I learned over the years I've spent composing. 

    What would I change? I'd remove a few of the crashes, I have a bad habit of putting too many in. I'd also like to give the song a better introduction to ease the listener in as suggested in the comments​

So that wraps up my personal top 5. I think I've come quite some way since my beginnings and I think it's interesting to look at my progression (or lack thereof) over the years. What do you readers think about my selections? Are they milestone worthy? Which one do you like the most? Also, do you think my proposed changes make sense? If not, what do you think could improve these pieces? I appreciate everyone's input even if I don't acknowledge it.

So thank you all for reading! Heck, if you're a music artist and you managed to come all this way in my post, voice your thoughts about it in the comments, then shoot me a PM with your favourite song you've composed. As my thanks to you for your input, I'll take a listen and review it for you!

Again, thanks to all of you for reading about my personal reflection. It means a lot to me.


An Unexpected Resurgance

2017-06-26 02:28:24 by Yeelp

Ha ha ha ha guess Yeelp's Uprising came out of retirement. I thought it was done too. Guess not.


I'm sorry.


Hey look, it's me! (Yay?)

2017-05-25 22:37:32 by Yeelp

I dissapeared for no reason and I'm back for no reason. I'm uploading random tracks I found on my PC that seem to have a Jazz inspiration. I'd appreciate the reviews for future improvements. 


The Cronicles of Yeelp is still a thing (It's my love child it will ALWAYS be a thing). Just thought I'd make the audience who reads this aware. Sometime in the future, I'll be uploading a piece of lore of the series (In other words, it's not the first book). The idea behind me doing this is to flesh out parts of the Yeelp universe to prep it for it's first big story. Setting the stage if you will. There might be 3 or 4 lore pieces before everything is ready (I think). 


I haven't really had time for many of these frivolous past-times. I've been doing university and uni life definitely keeps me busy. Too busy. But hey, at least I got all A's (Except for one course... Freaking B+ in Physics man). So things are going quite well there.


So. whether you're happy about it or not, I'm back for some time. How long? I dunno. Talking to myself here on this profile can only be so entertaining before I start looking like a maniac. (Watch now someone's gonna comment and this entire paragraph will be completely invalidated)


Anyway this is just a big way of saying hi...



Mass Music Postings

2016-06-28 21:54:59 by Yeelp

I did it, I reuploaded all the old Yeelp's Uprising and The Science of It tracks that I took down because they were out of date. FINALLY. 

Not only that, but Atomical is out and as an apology of sorts for not doing all of the above mentioned things when I said I would, I've uploaded ANOTHER track: Dubnium Drums. 

Also, be sure to check out the END of this post for info on review requests, something I'm going to try out and see where it takes me. Should be fun.

Music Spotlight

The real spotlight goes to Dubnium Drums. This is my first drumstep track. After reading up on the genre, and taking a listen to one or two tracks from the genre, I undertstood it's structure - at least, I think I did. Half-time drums and substep and 160-175 BPM is essentially what the genre is; and essentially what the song Dubnium Drums is. Except with guiros.

The next track is the track I kept saying I would post: Atomical. After letting it sit for a while, I realized that I might as well post it anyways. My main issue is that it seemed to be a Sys-Time-Atic clone at first but after the aforementioned sitting, I realized it wasn't as similar as I thought!. If you haven't listened to Sys-Time-atic, then click here to listen to it. I recommend listening to it first before listening to Atomical to see the similarities.

The last reuploaded tracks from the album The Science of It are: Light Speed and Universe in Balance. The last reuploaded track from Yeelp's Uprising is Death's Rule. They'll be here as well.

Here is Dubnium Drums:

Here's the overdue Atomical:

And the missing tracks from Yeelp's Uprising and The Science of It, respectively:

As of 6/28/2016, 9:27 P.M. EST, The new version of Universe in Balance hasn't been, I guess, accepted? I uploaded it an hour ago or something WITH the new Universe in Balance .mp3 file but I suppose the Newgrounds servers haven't realized the change and updated. I dunno if that's EXACTLY the reason or if I'm completely off. Nevertheless, the new Universe in Balance starts completely silent; if you instead get a loud "ding dong" sound as the first review describes it, you can click "Download this song!" to download the actual UPDATED version.

The Chronicles of Yeelp

What happened to the story? Well, one failed torrent of Smart Ideas 5, several virus removal attempts, and a GIGANTIC life FAIL later, I realized I'm cleary too dumb to just grab the Smart Ideas 5 I have on my older laptop that's still functional. Ugh. Progress has been made but the aforementioned progress is slow. I know what I want to write about; themes and all, I just need to put it all together and not brisk over any plot holes.

Life Update

So what's up with me? Summer just started, exams are over and the infamous beginnings of university, along with its respective collection of stresses looms over me like an eternal shadow. Workloads, scammers, cheaters,; the list of Things to Worry About in Uni is endless. 

And I'm too busy pursuing potential advancements in my love life to even care. Classic, classic, me. This is my life now.

I'm also taking part of the NGAUC: The NewGrounds Audio Underdogs Competition! Wish me luck! for my tryout, I'm thinking of using Sys-Time-atic, Atomical, The Lab, Gretel's Witchery, Secrets or Louis' Isolation. I'm going to check the performance of each of my tracks and take thier release date into consideration when chosing a potential tryout candidate.

To wrap things up, I will say that there is  more track of Yeelp's Uprising to be uploaded. Yes, UPLOADED, not reuploaded. bringing the track count of The Science of It and Yeelp's Uprising to 10. While the track count for Yeelp's Uprising will stay at 10, as it's done, The Science of It may continue to garner new tracks. There you go: 4 The Science of It tracks and one Yeelp's Uprising track for a total of 5 tracks as an apology for being so inconsistent and inactive. Let me know what you guys think of anything and if you' like me to review a track for you, be sure to respond in this post or PM or whatever. Yes, I'm doing review requests. What's the catch? Nothing! Any conditions? Nope! If you'd like to check out one of my tracks as a thank you that'd be awesome of course! Thanks for everything and stay awesome!



Accidental Psyche

2016-06-11 23:32:50 by Yeelp

I WAS going to post Atomical, but I decided its body wasn't ready (That's the first and last time I meme here). So, you guys get a different song instead - The Outsider. This wasn't intentional, I swear. Atomical will come soon (hopefully). 

Hope you guys enjoy it. Stay awesome!